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24th-Feb-2024 12:00 am - Hajimemashite!
[laugh] sakura

Please note that I won't friend your LJ if you don't comment here and if you didn't interact with me through LJ communities. My journal is filled with personal and fangirl-y stuff that I'm embarrassed to let people know ^^;;

Layout code is by premade_ljs, modified a bit by me. Moodtheme is by sapphire_heaven. Friends-only banner is made by me.

I've moved all my graphics to my new graphics journal, argent_pourpre. Feel free to watch it ^^

1st-Jan-2024 10:01 pm - Fandoms list
[laugh] sakura
I've decided to list out the anime and manga that I've watched/read. It's actually lesser than I thought ^^;; I've bold my favourites.

MangaCollapse )

AnimeCollapse )

Drama CDCollapse )

GamesCollapse )

Non-anime/mangaCollapse )
9th-Sep-2010 11:05 pm - Adelbert and Julia is <3
[laugh] sakura
A recent 'discussion' in mikagechan's LJ made me remember I was supposed to translate the short story in the 14th KKM novel. But since my love for this fandom has died a little (sorry KKM >.<), I decided to just summarise it instead. I asked my sensei for help in this.

The story is about how Adelbert met and fell in love with Julia (with a bit of side story from Maxine, that poor man T_T)Collapse )
But I'll never forget. Even after death I will never forget her words. With a smiling face, she said "It's you".


It's a really beautiful story. I left out a lot of details. Takabayashi-sensei tend to have very long descriptions. I'm still not at that level to translate yet ^^;;

Now I wonder when did Conrart come into their lives... And did Julia love him or not... I mean, if her dad cancel their engagement just for Conrart, that must mean she has feelings for Conrart, right? And if Julia really really loves Adelbert, won't she object to that?

I feel so sorry for Adelbert if it's that... He really loves her...
[laugh] sakura
NOTE: Please do not repost this anywhere else >.<

The raw script for the KKM drama cd Mazoku Burari Chikyuu no Tabi ~Yuuri and Wolfram~.

マ族ぶらり地球の旅~ユーリ&ヴォルフラム編~Collapse )

You can find the summary in this post.
16th-May-2008 03:02 pm - ConWolf for 10_lyricons
[laugh] sakura
The idea for this challenge came last year but I could only complete the set now ^^;;
Before you guys ask me where did I find the pictures from... some are from doujinshis shared in kkm_wolframfans and some tiam_atardecer and wipes_nose shared them with me a long time ago XDD

When the Wrong One Loves You RightCollapse )
9th-Oct-2007 05:02 pm - Yuuram and ConWolf for 10_lyricons
[laugh] sakura
Credits/Resources: Here
NOTE: Please credit me if you take any ^^ Comments are very much appreciated!!

Set #1

You Are The Music In MeCollapse )

Set #2

PrayerCollapse )
15th-May-2007 08:36 pm - Monou Fuuma for iconfiend100
[laugh] sakura

Started: 22 November 2006
Finished: 15 May 2007
Theme: Alpha
Credits/Resources: Here
NOTE: Please credit me if you take any ^^ Comments are very much appreciated!!

『何があっても死にたくない』と思っている奴が本当に少ないんだなCollapse )
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